24 Hour Host, 2018
Lauren McCarty

Performance Project
24 Hour

Zorlu PSM, 2018

Performer: Leman S. Darıcıoğlu

Digilogue Summit – Future Tellers’18, which took place in Zorlu PSM on 19 – 20 October, hosted a performance project, named 24H HOST which was presented for the first time by the new media artist Lauren McCarthy at the Sundance Film Festival. The performance to was held in collaboration with Performistanbul is presented by the performance artist Leman S. Darıcıoğlu, who acted under the direction of artificial intelligence in the home atmosphere area to be created at Digilogue Space in Zorlu PSM. On Friday, October 19 at 20.00, the 24-hour meeting leaded the performance artist to an appropriate welcome and dialogue by conducting a profile analysis of the participants’ social media sharings.
Digilogue Summit-Future Tellers’18, which Digilogue organizes every year by Zorlu Holding and Zorlu PSM, focuses on open and closed uses of data, creativity, knowl