Stay LIVE at Home
Home Performance no.88

Amy Rosa
Adverse Camber

WHAT: The artist has been moved towards presenting her website as a digital space for her performance, in a bid to deviate from social media platforms. For Stay LIVE at Home programme she will present a pre-recorded performance that will be uploaded onto her website at midnight on 21st of December 2020. The performance presents an insight into trying to re-ground the body during long periods of dissociation, offering a series of moving images weaving a journey of elemental discovery.

Amy Rosa is an award-winning cross-disciplinary artist based in Scotland, making work about her experience of existing as a chronically ill queer working-class disabled fat femme. Her practice focuses on creating surreal immersive environments, using ritual movement and themes emerging from witchcraft and silence to play with perception of time and to shift prejudiced ideas of peripheral experiences.

*Stay LIVE at Home programme offers access to artists who are chronically ill and can no