Alberto Monreal

Born and grown in Zaragoza (Spain), I could say when I started producing Art in case I knew what Art is.

Some say it’s a form of institution, so Art would be my collaborations with JustMAD Art Fair, Edimburgh Fringe, San Sebastián Film Festival or Trarutan – land art experiences-.

Some say it’s a collective expression, so Art would be my participation in various exhibitions (Festival Robert Capa Estuvo Aquí, Performistanbul’s Stay LIVE at Home), theater companies (Morfeo Teatro), film/ videoart productions (Cuba EICTV) or independent multidisciplinary experiences (Espacio B).

Some say it’s a constant learning, so it would be my studies in Fine Arts (Madrid URJC/ Buenos Aires UMSA/ Istanbul Marmara Üniversitesi), performing arts (Odin Teatret), filmmaking (Escuela de Cine Un Perro Andaluz) or even Medicine (UNIZAR).

In any case, I find in Art a way to understand ourselves and the world we live in. That’s why I’m currently working on Action Art, biographic research and personal growth through creation.

(Profile picture by Nacho Arantegui.)