Alireza Amin Mozafari

My name is alireza amin mozaffari, i was born on 1985 in iran. I started learning music when i was 8, and after 4 years i started acting and directing in school when i was 12. And right now i’m working in performance art. Art and liturature are basic and original figurs of my country, but because of the governmental and political circumstances, it has been neglected for years, and it leads to divide art into governmental art and independent art separately. Independent art which is sometimes critical and has been supported by an ideology, is not approved by the governers, so they never support iranian artist financially and no other ways. Performance art doesn’t have a long history in our country, it’s been known as an alternative and critical art. During all these years i’ve worked independently, and i’ve never considered it as a medium art, it’s been part of my life. My works are mostly a