Dila Yumurtacı



Performance project

In collaboration with Performistanbul.

“Anicca” is an open invitation to a long term research and performance project. The performance will shape through the connection with the person that I will be forming one to one through a physical or a digital space (Instagram or Zoom) that you will be choosing. I will be opening up myself by reading a part of my diary within my intimate environment. After, I will be also documenting and sharing the reciprocity of your feelings that were generated by you as a response – that you would like to share with me/us -, in a format that you will choose such as an image, sound, writing etc. “Anicca” is one of three main concepts of Buddhism which refers to the fact that everything is transient. While remembering the sustainability of alteration, I hope to come across with you within the environments that we are held on to without confining.

You can choose a session from the link: https://calendly.com/aniccaperformance/dilayumurtaci?month=2020-12

For further information and booking a time slot, you could reach me from @an