Venice International Performance  Art Week, 2017

Co – Creation Live Factory Prologue 1, Venice, 2017
A Project by VestandPage
7 – 16 December 2017

Open to the public on 14 – 16 December 2017

With a new project under the title CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY Prologue 1, the VENICE INTERNATIONAL PERFORMANCE ART WEEK heads into a new direction. Founded on the principles of artistic collaboration, cooperation and temporary artistic community, CO-CREATION LIVE FACTORY Prologue 1 is born to be an artistic experience of a different kind. The aim is to empower 75 participating artists from 28 countries selected through an Open Call, to articulate and develop their individual praxis within an independent temporary autonomous zone of co-creation. Under the tuition of the artists Marilyn Arsem, VestAndPage and Andrigo & Aliprandi, and with morning lectures and artistic interventions by Robin Deacon, Jill McDermid & Erik Hokanson; Preach R Sun, Marcel Sparmann, as well as lectures by Elisabetta di Mambro and Francesca Carol Rolla.

The culmination of this 10 days co-creation process  was open to the public on the days December 14 -16, 2017 (started from 17:00h each day): we transfor