Aslı Dinç

Dinç (1985, Istanbul) graduated from Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting and she continues her MA studies at Yıldız Technical University. Her artistic practice mainly consists of videos, performances, installations and site-specific works.

She is an interdisciplinary artist focusing on concepts such as ‘speculative reality’, ‘future-archaeology’, ‘dystopian aesthetics’. Her research and artistic practice are related to observation, visualization, simulation or adaptation of these concepts into an alternative reality. Rather than thinking about the flow of time in a linear and single direction, she prefers taking actions intuitively to give a chance to probabilities that can open up new doors of perception.

Dinç has exhibited her multimedia installations and performance works in Turkey and abroad; notably in Mexico, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, Colombia and Hong Kong.

She is also a member of amberPlatform.