The dark organic soil formed by the decay of plants over a long period of time, 2020

Mk Yurttaş

1 day / 1 hour
As part of Songs on Bones – Interdisciplinary Contact Exhibition
27 – 30.08.2020
Eksi 1

The performance investigates the question “Can a text smell” by taking a misunderstanding in the reading of the fairy tale “La Loba – The Wolf Woman” as a starting point. While “feeding” the scent sources in the fairy tale into the space, a becoming-earth and a body wandering between human and animal are displayed.

The performance is also about the collective spatial experience that takes place during the pandemic process and the state of our sense of smell or our bodies being under control and decision mechanisms that we mask. Therefore, while the audience is expected to wear the different colored masks given to them at the door of the performance venue; during the performance they are expected to take their places within the boundaries of the areas designated by a wooden platform and take care to be a maximum of 10 people at the same time.