Ebru Sargın L.

Performance Artist

Born in Çanakkale in 1991, Ebru Sargın L.  is a performance artist living in Istanbul. She considers her own mind and body as a compass as the most basic research tool. She prefers to create a map towards normalized social status analyses with her autobiographical performances based on her work.The types of behavior stuck between the social roles; the processes that are passed in them and the way they exist, and the artist who sets out to discover the real “I”, also feeds on the different body techniques from the performing arts and creates a performative language. The artist continues her artwork through ‘realizing, confronting, accepting and integrating’, while artist is turning an audience into a participant.

In 2015, Ebru Sargın L. has started her work on performance art with her body-oriented training at Studio Players and then has started her second undergraduate education in the Performing Arts Department at Istanbul Bilgi University. Since 2016, she has been working as performist of Perform