Elif Okyay

As I Linger For My Life To Pass

Date: 24.01.2021

Mentor: Azra İşmen, Simge Burhanoğlu

Where: YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxUVGbjo62I

To endure. Why do I worry so much? I ask myself and I understand that I am trying to be patient  with time rather than endure someone or certain situations or conditions. To be patient with the  day, hour, minute and second…

I have a thought that I am not aware of in the daily rush and struggle for life, but that develops  under the shadow of many unanswered questions in moments of questioning. And this thought  may seem like I have rediscovered it many times:

“I linger for my life to pass.” 

Throughout my life, as I constantly try to catch up and acquire somethings, there are times when I  remember that I am a tiny speck in the universe or feel that what I have has lost its meaning. At  those times, I get the feeling that every action I’ve ever taken is an action as linger. Actions I linger  for my life to pass.

Life is a time period that begins with birth, passes, and ends with death. People have no other  choice but to be patient in this period of time has passed slowly or quickly. In my life, which will  eventually pass and end, I realize that I have carried out many actions that make me forget this  patience, but in fact that I am just lingered. Whatever meaningful action I hav