Face Time, 2016
Murat Adash

30 Minutes

Art ON İstanbul, 2016

Performers:Tarcin Celebi, Derya Dinc, Eylül Dizdar, Bahar Gökten, İlgi Özdikmenli, Gamze Öztürk, Ebru Sargın and Gültuğ Yenidoğan

Face Time is a choreography for a group of performers that move in relation to the architecture and the audience. Face Time creates a face-to-face encounter and a body-to-body situation in which the performers test out symmetries and asymmetries of co-presence. Utilizing body language as the primary means of communication, the performers become agents in establishing a temporary social system within which the audience becomes complicit. Ranging from facial expressions, postures, bodily gestures to collective movement – FACE TIME inquires into the potential of an embodied event, asking what bodies can do, can’t do and could do.

Murat Adash Bio:The performance-based work of Istanbul based German-Turkish artist Murat Adash seeks to investigate relations and frictions between corporality and spatiality. By staging choreographic interventions with groups of people in a variety of spaces, his works inquire into social and spatial dynamics of the placed and the displaced, the inside(r) and the outside(r), the actor and the observer. Recent works have been exhibited and performed at Manifesta Biennial in Zurich, Julius Caesar Gallery and EXPO in Chicago, the Grimmuseum and at the Month of Performance Art in Berlin, Motorenhalle in Dresden and the Kriti Gallery in Varanasi (India). Adash has been awarded numerous artist awards and grants and is the current recipient of the one-year Istanbul studio grant by the Hessische Kulturstiftung in Germany. Adash holds an MFA in Visual Arts from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. www.muratadash.com

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