Fette Sans 

Fette Sans is based in Berlin.

She has a conceptual and interdisciplinary practice that includes the production of images, writing, performance, online gestures, filmmaking, discussions and installation. Concerned with social systems, representation and technology, she develops obsessive rituals, collaborations and speculative narratives to question these issues.

Last year, Sans initiated the series of conversations in hotel rooms called Precarious Gossips. These aim at gathering voices coming from multiple backgrounds, that may be under-represented or generally more quiet, as to discuss important yet delicate topics.

Her work was recently shown at Brandenburgischer Kunstverein in Potsdam, at Ung5 in Cologne, at Exile Gallery in Vienna and at SOX in Berlin. Sans was invited to discuss at Volksbühne in Berlin, at the Bauhaus University in Weimar and during the Istanbul Biennial.

fettesans.com / instagram.com/fettesans