In- Flux Presents  Episode . 1 No Worries
Re-Enactment – The Second Activation
Performance & Screening
Artists: Emilia Demetriou, Vasiliki Antonopoulou, Demelza Woodbridge
Place: LADA ( Live Art Development Agency)
Live Performances: 14:00 to 18:00 pm
Screening: 19:00 pm
Facebook event Link:
In collaboration with Performistanbul, LADA (Live Art Development Agency) and Enclave Lab, the first exhibition of In-Flux will be presented from 25 – 28 May 2018 and on 9 June 2018.
In-Flux… is a non-profit, feminist platform and a travelling exhibition space in a van that commutes to different spaces within the UK. It aims to be fluid and adaptable in order to transport the moral value of art to all types of occasions. In-Flux… adopts a process of constant transformation through a flux of multiple happenings. Thus, it is a deterritorialised space that is not reflecting a specific state, race or nation, it has a nomadic state of being and becoming.
Episode 1: No Worries will present pop-up exhibitions facilitated in the van, which will be parked in front of LADA and Enclave Lab. First episode presents two activations that mutually feature a curatorial concept about the idea of collective joy as a form of positive resistance.
The second activation of the exhibition entitled Situations, is inspired by Hannah Black’s recent collaborative book ‘The Situation’ (2017). ‘The Situation’ illustrates a censored conversation between Hannah Black and her friends around the debates of violence against blackness, patriarchy, racism, colonialism and the gap between subjectivity and collectivity. In a similar way, the second day visualises the censorship that institutions impose on the artists. Namely, the second resistance is liberating institutional dynamics and suppressing the ways of looking at stereotyped, rigid and old methods and roles that have been used within the governance of the art institutions.
Curated by Naz Balkaya and co-organised by Performistanbul
Event poster designed by Selin Tamer
Sponsored by Old Blue Last Beer
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