Stay LIVE at Home
Home Performance no.81

Lizzy Tan
Home Corners

WHAT: “Home Corners” is a collective memoir. It marks the completion of one cycle of leaving and returning home for collaborators Lizzy Tan, Charlotte Whittle and Jan Margolius. Set to a soundscape sampling sounds from their childhood homes in Texas and the UK, and excerpts read from journals kept over the years 2014-2020, “Home Corners” is a reflection on change and re-encountering past selves. The piece is a response to the following: How does one hold on to identity in changing environments? How do we redirect ourselves, now that we are home? In our shared experience of crisis and stillness, how do we want to begin again? The piece is presented as a livestream installation. The use of camerawork through and on surfaces will create a sense of reflection, distance, and voyeurship in tandem with the deeply intimate content of the artists’ memories.