In the Studio, 2016

Suzan Polat

9 Days / 27 Hours (3 Weeks, 3 Days a week, 3 Hours a day)
Alt Art Space, 2016
Curator: Simge Burhanoğlu 

With In the Studio, Suzan D. Polat brings her private practice to Alt studio space to undergo a three weeks-long process -three days a week and three hours a day- to distil her accumulated knowledge through the execution of simple performative structures, such as compositional scores and fictions. These scores and fictions will be self-created, spontaneously, on site, and they will be available for the audience to view. They will act as both frame and an accumulating archive of the practice.

Suzan D. Polat Bio:
Born in Istanbul, Suzan D. Polat is an experimental dance-based performance artist. She is focused on developing her own movement idiom, while exploring the dynamics between form, energy, and materiality of her body. Her current theoretical inquiry inv