İris Göğüsgeren

A sunset we all

Date: 28.01.2021 – 28.02.2021

Mentor: Özlem Ünlü

Where: Instagram – @hepimiz.bir.gun.batimi

With all my excitement,

“A sunset we all” is a 30-day collective performance that focuses on and explores the fact that sunset, which is basically the same each day but different in style, forms a harmony of differences, just like we humans. During this 30-day process, I will paint a sunset on an empty wall in my room with your answers. What I want you to do as participants will be to answer the questions I ask in the form of a survey from the Instagram account where the performance will take place only “as you feel”.

I will be live streaming on Performance’s Instagram account every day at sunset time and continuing the painting so that you can follow the process of the painting throughout