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Home Performance no.91

Nina Kane
Three works by Nina Kane, Cast-Off Drama

WHAT: “Mezzista” – an old word used to describe a male opera singer whose voice can sing the Mezzo-Soprano part traditionally ascribed to female singers. It was frequently applied to castrati and defines a higher range sung by many countertenors today. Comprising two short ‘tableaux vivants’ and a weekend ‘durational’, the work extends my passion for the gender binary and my concern to trace the voices (physical and political) of transgender people like myself across cultures and histories. In the last 20 years, through Cast-Off Drama, I have grappled with the conundrum of being a transgender gay man living with a female body, and pursued a quest to build and define a trans* morphology of art. ”Mezzista” explores my response to months of lockdown and to ‘pandemic preoccupations’ with cleaning, screening, waiting, passing time, losing time, grief, loss of touch, creating space, masking up, neighbour noise, nature walks and the retreat into interior worlds of social networking, fetish communities, 80s pop nostalg