Needed: You  672 hours live process, 2018
Performances and Live Process
Needed: You 672 hours long live process, İstanbul, 2018

Artists: AslieMk, Batu Bozoğlu, Ebru Sargın L., Ekin Bernay, Gülhatun Yıldırım, İ. Ata Doğruel, Leman S. Darıcıoğlu, Özlem Ünlü, Selin Kocagöncü

Curator: Simge Burhanoğlu

Performistanbul celebrated its second anniversary with a long durational live process and with the launch of a unique initiative, marking a brand-new chapter for the performance art scene in Turkey.

The platform took the first step toward a new phase by presenting NEEDED: YOU, a long durational live process that was last for 28 days, 672 hours straight with no intervals, ıt was  held between 16 February – 16 March 2018 and by laying the foundations of Performistanbul Live Art Research Space, which will be Turkey’s first initiative, providing a dedicated space for performance art.

Curated by Simge Burhanoğlu, the live process entitled Needed: You,  included 10 Perfor