Norman Mine is a London-based artist working between performance, film, sculpture and installation. Mine’s work appears biographical because it uses personal experiences and real-life environment as a starting point, yet is made ephemeral by the fictional personas he uses under the name of Dino Desica; an Italian aspiring actor.

The interplay of real and imaginary biographies charts the interrelated psychology of paranoia and construction of personal fictions; central motifs of Mine’s practice.

Each provides a distinctive way of ordering experience and constructing reality; requiring belief and imagination that escapes present time.

The intersection between Norman Mine and Dino Desica explores the overlap and experience of these two conditions by reflecting on the forms of freedom and control which are consequences of fiction and paranoia; fictions of the self give one freedom to be anything or anyone, while paranoia placed us under control of the wider systems which make up our world.

This hybrid is the site of Mine’s artist