ONE, 2017

Nazlı Gürlek

3 hours

Performer: Aslı Bostancı
Performance Curator: Simge Burhanoğlu

Sound Design: Yusuf Huysal

Istanbul Biennial Parallel Event in Collaboration with ANAMED and Performistanbul
The performance is organized parallel to ANAMED’s exhibition entitled “The Curious Case of Çatalhöyük” that celebrates the 25th excavation season of the Çatalhöyük Research Project. In “ONE” Gürlek brings the 9000-year-old Çatalhöyük archaeological find back to life and presents it to the audience from an artistic point of view. The performance is also an attempt at an artistic adaptation of the archaeological methodology of the Çatalhöyük project based on “reflexivity, interactivity, multivocality, and contextuality.”

“Movement is not something the body does. Movement is the body itself. During a trip to Çatalhöyük in the summer of 2016, I encountered a wall painting, which seemed to me to mimic the body – it seemed to move. Since then, I’v