Batu Bozoğlu

Project: PC

PC is annoying; defies meaning.
PC is sterile but reproduces mitotically.
PC is a cheat; steals his answers.
PC is an imitator; works in repetitions.
PC is silent; his silence is noisy.
PC makes no sense; words escape him.
PC screams; his tongue is cut.
PC is nothing; says nothing.
PC is a perfect citizen.


PC, is an interactive and collaborative performance artwork, which will be held for a consecutive 28 days. It involves the artist carrying a speaker on his body at all times, which will broadcast sounds send through a website by the public. These contributions in form of syllables, which will not require any personal information thus allowing for anonymity, will be read by a computer-generated voice. PC, through this phonetic poem collectively created during the 28 days, aims to create a public channel, free from the constraints of the language that has been corrupted and seized by the politics of our current age.