Performance Art Development Association

In 2018, approaching the performance art as a unifying and healing power, we decided to establish ‘Performistanbul Live Art Research Space’ (PCSAA) within the Performistanbul platform, which will provide public access to extensive resources (both regional and international) for students, curators and researchers working with/in the field of performance and live art.
PCSAA is constructed on the basis of these motivations and established in a building in the area of Galata; where Performistanbul hosted the performance event Needed: You, 672 Hour Live Process.
Taking into consideration the social aspect of the Project, the Performance Art Development Association has been established, in order to launch PCSAA which has been built in such a way that it embraces both the public and academic cooperations. This artifact/structure/corpus is constituted in order to gain independence to the space and to collect donation. Hence, we wish to generate an income from multiple sources that will eventually help the space to function and ensure sustainability. Book donations for PCSAA, can be subscribed to Performistanbul Association. Towards the staidness of the Project, alongside the union board, Live Art Research Advisory Board has been established.

Performistanbul Performance Art Development Association Board Members
Simge Burhanoğlu
Serdar Çardak
Gaye Burhanoğlu
Ali Levent Yalçın
Gamze Büyükkuşoglu
Leman Nazlı Gürlek
Ayda İlkel
Burçin Tunalıoğlu
Azra İşmen
Derya Dinç
Seyhan Musaoğlu
Sibel Erenel
Nurdan Orhan
Naz Balkaya
Çimen Satıroğlu
Zeynep Birced