Stay LIVE at Home

Home Performance no.10

Batu Bozoglu

Project: Survive

“Project: Survive” is a participation based durational performance artwork.

WHAT: A nervous tick, a compulsion, a superstition, a ritual… to cope with the fact that our fate is no longer in our hands, all of us embrace these practices. In these times when we seem to have forfeit our lives to fortune and the random machinations of an unseen threat, we strive to regain some control over our lives by repeating these small rituals every day. And each day we do so, we challenge our destiny and survive.
One person’s ritual is madness, while a community’s a religion. Therefore, I present to you “Project: Survive”, where I ask you to create and perform together a simple daily ritual. Your rituals, which will be in the form of a simple bodily gesture to be executed in a specific time