Endless Field , 2017

İ. Ata Doğruel

48 Hours

Zilberman Projects – İstanbul, 2017

What we, as humans, own in terms of true space and true place are our mind, and our conscious. When our senses meet the physical outer space, what we are actually doing is protecting our mind from the filth and poison we could encounter by restricting our mind. When the Artist succeeds in minimizing the effect of the outer world and the existential state, only then will he be able to access the core of his mind, opening a new level of consciousness. He will then have reached an infinite land.

”Endless Field is a 48-hour performance with no intervals, on the meditation practice. A desire of exploration to the depths of my mind, my thoughts, my memory. A journey. An effort to navigate step by step, in an indescribable darkness which harbor endless light sources. Holding on the words in a void with no directions. Maybe to get lost. Or the worry of re-birth.

I can not see or hear you. That is why