Stay LIVE at Home
Home Performance no.94

Eloisse Louisse
Ita Raskin

WHAT: Nobody knows who is who, but we know we are SUELVE & SOUCE.
We came to connect worlds.
The real world and the virtual world.
The most beautiful world and the ugliest world.
The traditional world and the neon world.
We are the future and the past.
We want to experiment the virtue through the virtual.
We are neophytes to change the world, any world, live, throughout the virtual networks.
We dance with our hands generating a prayer-spell to dance in the physical plane and stop being virtual entities.
WE ARE SUELVE & SOUCE – stay live

WHEN: Live – 15.03.2021 – 12:00 pm (UTC+1 Spain Time), 2:00 pm (GMT+3 Turkey Time)
Estimated duration: 15 minutes

WHERE: Instagram – @no.e.l.ia and @itaraskinart

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