Tanya Arısoy


Date: 26.01.2021

Mentor: Dila Yumurtacı

Where: Zoom

A body guide to the essence of purification in our culture, the natural existence of water and the different states in which it continues to exist…

Even if it is not visible from the outside, the body keeps everything it experiences in its memory. Invisible marks are under the skin. That’s why right after a negative experience sometimes we want to throw ourselves under the water… No matter how and who are we while entering the water. The water will accept our body perhaps more than we accept it, and it will flow in our body, finding a way for itself without hesitation. Water is accepting, forgiving, and purifying.

In this performance, we will explore how we are alienated from the organic states caused by the need for purification of our own body, and we will witness other states of the water to purify / clean, which we do not interact with much