Stay LIVE at Home

Home Performance no.67

Duncan Hume

Three Rooms: The Trilogy / Tatami Room

WHAT: Lockdown has forced different forms of interiority on us: limited mobility, social distance, increased dependence on virtual connectivity and entertainment; moreover, it has forced us to cook! The reduced financial possibilities of this era have seemingly sunk the world of commerce. A time of anxiety to be sure, yet also a time for potentially radical change. “Three Rooms” takes inspiration from Viennese ‘Gschnas’ – the theatrical transformation of commonplace items into fantastical props, which Freud compared to the mechanism of dreams, and the recent ASMR YouTube phenomenon, which foregrounds repetitive actions, involving aural stimuli that provoke a tingling response. ‘Three Rooms’ playfully yet poignantly tempts the interior of the performer’s home with the implied oneiric aspect of the carnivalesque and