Stay LIVE at Home

Home Performance no.23

Vivien Tauchmann

Series no.5 “Textiles”

“Self-As-Other-Trainings” is a series of livestream performative training classes.

WHAT: This Training focuses for 44 min. on working conditions in the global textile production chain and the exhausting physical experiences of workers.

WHEN: 19.04.2020 – 09:00 pm – 09:44 pm (GMT+2)

WHERE: ZOOM – Vivien Tauchmann. Subscription is required for participation:

Vivien Tauchmann’s ‘Self-As-Other-Trainings’ is realised as part of ‘Stay Live at Home – Home performance series’,  in collaboration with Be Mobile Create Together! and Performistanbul.

Vivien Tauchmann is currently residing at İKSV Reside