The Ceremony of Symbols


Ebru Sargın L.

2 day – 5 hours a day

As part of “Büyücü ve Bahçe” Exhibition

Curator: Can Akgümüş

With Performistanbul

Erimtan Museum, Ankara, Turkey

“To believe; to heal, to the good, to the beautiful…”

Ebru Sargın L. sets out from periapton – in other words, talismans – which has been prepared as a method of seeking healing throughout history to help people and cities help themselves, keep evil away, and protect them from all negative events such as disasters and epidemics. Periaptons prepared for special purposes; Images and symbols on paper are shaped by the flexibility of symbols. Instead of representing something else, these symbols reveal themselves, exist on their own. Throughout history, the power of periaptons comes from