Stay LIVE at Home

Home Performance no.84

Ilka Theurich


WHAT: Questions concerning the relationship between digital media and touch have become central during the Covid19 pandemic. As a sense modality, touch has been both over-and undervalued in Western culture, but since March 2020 a lot of people feel a real lack of touch during online conversations with colleagues, friends and family. And as an effect out of it, there is a new practical knowledge around the world.

Before the pandemic, touch has been often considered as vague, vulgar, drive-related or impure. But since the pandemic, touch was recognized as a potentially positive and subversive quality. 

This online performance by Ilka Theurich deals with different dimensions of touch, whereby touch is not only a question of sensory experience or physical performance but also a question of the technology that stands between the performance artist and the recipi