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Home Performance no.97

dadans (Melek Nur Dudu, Merve Uzunosman, Dila Yumurtacı)
Truths Are Spoken

WHAT: State of affairs, information, point of views and beliefs are nesting together within the post truth age where morality grounds on feelings and beliefs rather than the common objective evidence. Pandemic has increased this uncertainty and moved us away even more from the mutual truth and reality. Through the fear of not knowing; intentions, dreams, sensations and rumours started to be taken into account as the truth and spread by word of mouth. Dadans collective who are concentrating on the body and location in their research, this time is examining forms of thinking and transmission through an ironic approach in their performance which will exactly actualise verbally at a room in Clubhouse. The conversation will consist of their personal and collective agenda, dreams, plans, what they achieved or not, will be open to the public only t