Our first residency artist Alisa Oleva’s first film “Walking Home” is now available to watch at LADA screens!

LADA is delighted to present the online screening of Walking Home, Alisa Oleva’s first film, created in the context of Performistanbul’s residency programme for performance artists on theme of ‘home’.

For her residency in Istanbul in March 2020, Alisa Oleva had planned to invite participants who self-identify as women to one-to-one performances during which they would ‘walk her home’, discussing what home meant for them as they walked. Due to the pandemic the performances had to be completely re-imagined as remote encounters. At agreed dates and times over the course of three weeks, the participating women went to designated starting points in Istanbul and walked to a place where each of them felt ‘at home’. At the same time, Alisa was walking in London and connecting with each woman on the phone, sharing their footsteps, their breathing and their conversation on what home means. The film Walking Home is a record of these encounters.

Date: 01 Feb 2021 – 31 Mar 2021