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Home Performance no.80

Derya Dinç

Way to Arrive (Session 2)

WHAT: “Can I recall a stable memory and space with my mind and body? Can I reshape them once again? Can we move on together? As we try to move forward, will this create a contradiction or will we get used to this way and progress together? As being the one who calls out and called out at…

Once again while I try to ‘arrive’, how would it be possible to find out my power, direction and movement with the things I find and realise on my way?”

WHEN: First session: 14.09.2020

Monday – Wednesday – Friday / 12:00 -14:00 GMT+3 (Turkish Time)

Estimated duration: Approximately 2 hours

(As a ritual the performance will continue occasionally within the weeks that the artist will determine)

WHERE: Instagram – Derya Dinç – @deryadincc