Diren Demir

Diren is a backpacker interdisciplinary artist who follows the guidance of the journeys in his life and artworks, as being impressed by Beat Generation. During his travels, he’s invented an anti-elitist gallery concept in a guerilla way, its called “Art Space Project”. Since Diren started this Project in a village of Fethiye in 2016, more than 30 art spaces have been established. Diren takes these paintings to the next city in his backpack, sets up new street exhibitions and gets new drawings, Art Space Project is an interactive exhibition that works for the accessibility of art and grows constantly. He has also presented an Online Exhibition for everyone else. Diren believes that art happens in everywhere and in every moment. His intention in Art Space Project is to prove that.

As being impressed by the process he had spent in Ancient Greek department at University of İstanbul in 2016, he left the school and hichhiked to the ancient cities and temples. Then he started to study Sculpture at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts and Philosophy