In Return
Mk Yurttaş
In collaboration with Performistanbul
01.02.2020 – 01.06.2020


I want to come to your place, cook for you and I wonder what will you do in return. This is a performance artwork and if you invite me, it will happen in your kitchen.


“In return” is a project that thinks about the asymmetric balance of the addiction, knots and opacities between the artist, art audience / collector and art institution / space. “In return” tries to put this thinking process into action through performance art and makes a move about the space, audience and budget variables that can be counted as the main elements of a performance art work. The performance personalizes the realization of the performance work by shifting  from public spaces such as museums, galleries, streets,and the internet to the audience’s own private space, home, kitchen and makes the decisions regarding the realization / process of the work mutually. The artist, who has reached the audience in their personal field, can get the “in return” of their special production from the audience at the moment. This in return can ensure that the art work is not one-time and sustainable; both in terms of motivation based on comments and criti