Tolga Cuğ


Date: 25.01.2021 – 29.01.2021

Mentor: Batu Bozoğlu

Where: Performistanbul Garden

Foucault views power as an act of performance and strategy, rather than a strict political authority. It emerges from the many layers of our interpersonal dynamics within society. We nurture this power with our daily actions, our patterns of behavior, our relationships and even through the movements of our body, and use it with great relish. In this context, “Seesaw” is a game that aims to provide a space for the emergence of microscopic powers within us.

“Seesaw,” is interactive performance artwork based on participation. The performance will showcase a seesaw on which the artist will be tied to, and invite the audience to join the artist in this game of balance. The participants will later be offered a flag through which they can express their experience by decorating it.