Zeynep Duman

Because I Want You to Know

Date: 30.01.2021

Mentor: Dila Yumurtacı

Where: Discord

“Because I want you to know” is an anonymous performance project.

It works on concepts such as “fear, exposure” and takes its basis from public executions and their exposure, which we have historically been unable to escape.

It examines this system, which progresses as confession-accusation, decision, exposure, consolidated power. Although it is not based on physical violence, it asks the following questions through this system, which continues its continuity today:

Why hide something?

Why can’t we confess?

Is it the reaction of another that makes it difficult to confess?

Does it matter if someone forgives me or if I forgive myself?”

This performance project is an invitation to confession that addresses the state of confession by using concepts such as confession, forgiveness and relaxation, not in order to consolidate the power that society creates on itself. It’s a real sharing night away from fear, anxiety, judgment and labeling, where everyone equally just spills what’s inside.

Let us all, together, go into a new day together, free from our burdens and confessing freely away from what prevents us.

I wanted to say these things away from fear, because I want you to know.

I’m hiding my